G A L L E R I E S                      C O N T A C T

Q What do you charge? When are you available?

A Non-wedding packages are available HERE

    Wedding packages are available HERE

     In Studio Session times are available HERE

Q Do you offer prints?

A Yes! We are proud to finally offer in-house printing. When you place an order from your gallery, we print and fullfil the order right here in our studio located in Pueblo, CO. We want to provide you with professional prints that look exactly the way they were meant to look. Affordable prints can be ordered directly from your online client gallery.


Q How long do you save our image files?

A We take pride in our image back-up and storing process. Your precious memories will be stored and backed up in two on site locations and archived in one remote location, for life. This ensures your memories will always be accessible if you should lose your copies.

Q Can I print pictures on my own? [ex.] Walmart, Walgreens, etc?

A We highly recommend letting us print them for you. Our monitors are professionally calibrated to our printer to insure professional, high quality prints. Accurate color, lifelike skin tones, archival quality with a traditional photo finish. We want your images to be displayed as a work of art, at the highest quality possible. If you would still like to print on your own, we recommend an online printer and not Walgreens or Walmart.