G A L L E R I E S                      C O N T A C T

If the question of WHAT TO WEAR is weighing heavy on your mind, here are some tips to get you started in the right direction.


Keep things mainly neutral with pops of color. For example, choose mainly khaki, grays, browns, creams or ivories - with shots of rust or green or navy. Steer clear of brights or neons (even pure white) as they do not photograph well and often cast unflattering colors on various skin tones.


Patterns are beautiful, we all love patterns, but it can be difficult to coordinate a variety of patterns. Instead, choose a single pattern and mix in various textures. Knits, leathers and lace are just a few examples of subtle pattern within texture.


Adding accessories is an easy way to show off  individual personality within a coordinated set of outfits. Choose your own scarves, hats, belts, wraps, ties and/or jewelry.


Props are also fun and can be a great way to show off your unique personality! Think about a set of modern chairs or stools, a personalized sign, paper flowers, a woven basket, or your favorite picnic blanket for example.


It is important to consider colors and textures when choosing what to wear for a session, but the most important tip I can offer is to be sure that everyone is comfortable. You are going to feel the most at ease if you are comfortable in your clothing. Choose to be stylish and practical at the same time!